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Vain perhaps you should spend more time here - and you would see more fun and level headed guys than I have found in any other forum. You in fact started this whole thing by saying we Harley bash at every opportunity without facts. You will find more detailed facts about bikes down to every nut and bolt, weight distribution, quality of build from crank bearings to spark plug wires. Most of what I read and participate in on here is based on fact. So you jumped in on really in the middle of a few years worth of conversation among some guys that know each other fairly well. I don't know you - that was the first post I saw and if I am wrong then I am truly sorry - but it "appeared" you were another Harley guy in the wrong forum trying to tell us how we should speak in our forum. My feelings and observations are just that mine. My experiences, and if that is what I have seen and experienced with the Harley crowd - than that is what I have experienced. Lots of Hells Angels around there - is that everyone, of course not. But lots of "support your local red and white stickers" running around too. I don't want to be any part of that. My choice. Not anyone elses, and if I want to express my choice and the reasons why then that is my right to do so on a forum. A forum by definition would be the correct place to do it. If you on the other hand are the only one having a problem with the conversation than you can remove yourself from our forum and then you wont' feel the need to correct us.

About this officer - let me be clear, and make a confession. We talked about bikes twice - he expressed a desire to see my bike and he came over to see it once - briefly because I parked it out on the street. Then said he needed to get back to his hiding spot to get stop light runners. These motorcycle officers were running our neighborhood at the neighborhood's express wishes for them to do this very thing. They did not leave their post. I approached them to thank them. He stopped to see my bike AFTER writing a ticket and on his way back to his post. Him and his partner have received letters of thanks from me and other neighbors to their chief so it will go into their personnel file. I have since received a letter from the acting chief thanking us for our letters.

I have a feeling - that if we were to meet in person we would be fine - for some reason on there it isn't so - you went from us Harley bashing (which I submit to you is because you read one thing out of context and haven't done your homework) to ripping me and officers that you haven't met and how you would reprimand them. Shame on you. Talk about getting your panties in a wad and going off on a tangent. I stand by what I said. I would also encourage you to find a forum full of guys that just want to be ripped for their comments. I'm glad you aren't a police officer in my town. We don't need that kind of angry bad attitude protecting and serving.

I believe somewhere on this forum is a checkbox to permenantly ignore members - and you sir are one more stupid post from getting that checkmark. Good day.


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