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Originally Posted by Thunder Rat View Post
I recently spent a month in the States and noted the huge number of HDs compared with other marques. Strangely enough most of the riders appeared to be regular people on motorbikes. Yes, I saw the odd ratbag but I also saw a lot of homeless people wandering around too. It didn't make me think all Americans were homeless, only some and likewise with the bike riders.
Good for you, then there's no need for you to stereotype others and I presume this is directed on Daryls behalf.

I think Vain Cyrus is off on a tangent and is misunderstanding this whole thread and perhaps needs to mellow a bit.
No I didn't misunderstand anything you've said, it was pretty clear. It might be beneficial to others and yourself, if you would heed your own advice.

It looks like a raw nerve has been hit
There's no raw nerve been hit on my part. Which is even a poorer assumption on your part. I submit by quoting post #23, you're actually the one with the raw nerve. You originally guided this topic of discussion away from it's original intent with your comparison. There are those who speak from experience instead of personal bias. Particularly those regarding the HD.

Guys, why is it that whenever someone says something favorable about a Harley it turns into a Harley bashing session
Maybe you shouldn't be so touchy with people's personal opinions regarding HD's. This isn't the first time you've made such comments and then tried to shadow them under general neutrality as part of the discussion. Ah but I digress.

As an officer, I would have thought his training would have shown him how to interpret and understand basic comments.
Last and certainly not least, until you're sitting in front of a person where you can hear their voice inflections, see their mannerisms, and read their body language, you really need to keep your unqualified assumptions and public defamation to yourself, especially those regarding my professional training and expertise. It's borderline libelous and counter productive to a healthy respectful discussion. It's also a demeaning attempt to place your intellectual values above others.

Yes, from his comments I can see he is a very experienced motorcyclist and has ridden more miles/kilometer than anyone else in a short 5 years span.
No, I specifically stated you, not everyone else.
I put more miles on HD's in 5 years then you'll do in two lifetimes.
One thing we're trained to do quite well is; listen to people and their comments then discern their particular meaning. I've listened for to your comments for quite along time as they standout like a sore thumb. You have a history of affiliation with bias HD comments. Those are the facts.

You need to realize neither of us are in a competition of who's right or wrong unless you wish to make it so. It's simply a non-personal discussion mixed with opinions and facts.

Now, if you'd like to carry on a civil discussion as it was intended and not attempt to direct a discussion regarding HD's, or make unqualified comments regarding the quality of my professional training, I'll be happy to reciprocate.

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