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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Dave, are you sure adaption is lost ? I know instrument data is lost, but adaption too?
NO! I'm not sure,I'm positive.The Bird uses OBDII,and if I'm not mistaken,also has CAN [clean air network] included in its computer control system,just like the newer cars and trucks do.Can you say"thank you EPA" GRRRRRRRR!! When ever you disconnect that vehicles' battery, then reconnect it,that vehicle will usually run alittle funny until it's been driven for a few miles.That few miles allows the ECM,PCM,ECU,or whatever name you chose to give it, to recalibrate itself.

It was just alittle heads up should anyone notice their machine runnin alittle strange after reconnecting the battery.Sometimes ya notice it and sometimes ya don't.But the point is,there's nothin wrong with the machine and ya won't hurt anything.It just has to reset itself.OR,you could do the adaption procedure if it still doesn't feel right.

Now what you could do if ya have a power outlet [cigarette lighter type] tied into the system,[not connected directly to the battery],is buy a little pig tale with a cigarette lighter type plug on one end of it and a connection which accepts a 9 volt battery on the other end, [I forget the proper name of it] and plug it into that power outlet.The 9 volt battery will provide just enough DC power to hold the memory in the computer while the battery is disconnected and should also prevent the loss of the instrument data on the odometer.I have two of those little gadgets which I use specifically for that purpose when working on cars and trucks.However,I haven't tried it on the Bird yet as I really haven't had a reason to do so.

But,as I said,it's just an FYI. Dave!!!

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