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It looks like a raw nerve has been hit. First, I am not defending or chastising any particular bike or bike culture. I live in Australia and we really don't have an us versus them mentality with riders of any particular brand of bike.

I recently spent a month in the States and noted the huge number of HDs compared with other marques. Strangely enough most of the riders appeared to be regular people on motorbikes. Yes, I saw the odd ratbag but I also saw a lot of homeless people wandering around too. It didn't make me think all Americans were homeless , only some and likewise with the bike riders.

I think Vain Cyrus is off on a tangent and is misunderstanding this whole thread and perhaps needs to mellow a bit.Yes, from his comments I can see he is a very experienced motorcyclist and has ridden more miles/kilometere than anyone else in a short 5 years span. As an officer, I would have thought his training would have shown him how to interpret and understand basic comments.

This forum is supposed to be fun, enlightening and a source of knowledge about our bike so how about taking a chill pill and enjoy what we have.
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