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Originally Posted by TBird Daryl39 View Post
Since the beginning of time man has raced, on foot, canoe, ships, horses, camels, you name it. Is it any wonder that we want the motorcycle between our legs to be the best or fastest, or at least faster than that guy over there!? I don't think this is Harley bashing. This is guys taking pride in their rides and being vocal about "mine is better and faster and sexier than yours." I think it is pretty safe to say that dollar for dollar you get more from the TBird. Sure, there might be a few HD's that are faster - but if I put as many $$ into my TBird as are into their HD's then once again I would only see them in my riew view mirror. It's not even close in that respect. These are mechanical facts, not bashing.

What I do have a problem is the HD "culture" - the Harley only rides - the "you can't join our club or ride with us unless HD is on your bike." That attitude turns me off HD's. I have met so many big ugly tattoo'd brutes who act and talk like they didn't get past an 8th grade education and are convinced HD is the best bike in the world no matter what - and none of it is based on educated fact - it's blind love and that is fine until you start pushing it on me and telling me riding a British or Asian bike in America is disprespectful to Americans and HD crowd. Now you crossed the line from bike talk to bullying and harrassment - hmmm how many Triumph riders you think would talk or act that way towards others?? I very proudly wear some sort of Triumph gear when I ride - or a hat, T-shirt, sweatshirt with Triumph logo after I get off my bike because I do NOT want to be confused with a Harley rider when I am off my bike walking around.
Well part of what being on a forum is all about is discussing things. So we discuss them. We agree. We disagree. But what we mostly don't do is get our panties in a wad over how other folks agree or disagree. A heated discussion and disagreement is great in my opinion as long as it stays respectful. I do know why we compare and as long as they make both brands the comparisons will continue. The top magazines and writers take pictures, videos and write articles comparing our bikes - so of course we are going to compare them.

That bein said there is a motorcycle cop that often runs traffic in front of my house during school hours in the morning and while he is completely happy with his BMW service bike - he pulls into my driveway every chance he gets for a glimpse of my TBird and some conversation about the bikes differences.
Isn't this a bit of two faced on your part Daryl?

Why then are your panties in a wad, mine aren't. I don't see this as a heated dicussion either. When people make non-valid blanket statements as you have, they should be ready to accept counter opinions or factual statement to the contrary.

Coming out one side of your mouth is; a typical personal bashing of HD riders in general with absolutely no factual basis. Out of the other side your attempting to correct or chastise others for their factual long term experiences. I was speaking directly about the ineffectiveness of the HD as a patrol unit and said nothing about Harley rider's their culture or the personal idiosyncrasies in general. You obviously felt compelled to do so.

You made a blatant personal attack on all HD riders in general. Something I'm not knowledgable or have enough hubris to do.

I would say before you decide to give others advice regarding posting comments or forum etiquette, you might want to get your own house in order first. Or did I misunderstand your quote and the quoting of my post?

I don't think anyone here, including myself requires your unabridged advice of forum etiquette or just how to conduct themselves while posting a disagreement with with another's opinion. By your previous comments regarding "Harley riders," which I might add is totally off topic, you just might need a bit of improvement in this particular area. Refer previous paragraph in italics

If I think I'll need your personal advice then I'll be sure to ask, comprende amigo?

I'm not particularly interested or impressed with a boots officer having interest in your T-Bird. It doesn't carry any special meaning or weight with me one way or another.

What does trouble me is; your personal acceptance regarding his lack of integrity. He's there for a purpose and should be following his posting orders, by observing his station for the morning. Additionally to perform a civic duty which he's sworn and paid to do. His duty and responsibities are to monitor traffic around the school zone, not have a lengthy chat at every opportunity with you regarding motorcycles, especially on duty.

If he was one of my boots officer, he'd be chastised for his behavior and conduct.

So as you can see, you and I have a very large difference of opinion regarding civil responsiblity and forum etiquette but then I'm only stating the obvious.

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