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Originally Posted by Thunder Rat View Post
Guys, why is it that whenever someone says something favorable about a Harley it turns into a Harley bashing session. I have made comments from the experiences I have had riding and owning many bikes over the years. Dazco picked up the gist of my comment and I agree with his reply .We then get someone make a blanket statement about a well respected and trusted brand and indeed a brand which is probably synonymous with motorcycles stating thye are a Pig.

This displays bias and ignorance which should not be present in a motorcycling community. I like all bikes.

I particularly like Triumphs and have since my first Bonny in 1969 but this does not preclude me from liking and seeing the merits of other brands. If I had to nominate one of the most fun bikes I have owned it woould have to ba Hodaka Combat Wombat, all 125 cc's of it but that does not make it a better or worse bike than any other make.The most enjoyable all purpose bike was a BMC R100Cs but I am not a fan of the new model BMs.

Triumphs are good bikes and you get what you pay for. Value is in the eye of the purchaser and to a lot of people $40-$50k is not a huge amount but to others it is a fortune.Triumphas are well priced and good value for money.

Enjoy the ride and appreciate the other brands out there becuase all bikes are good and remember a second class ride is better than a first class walk!
I feel compelled to bash harleys everytime I get a chance!

All the crap I had to deal with from harley riders over the years has made me bitter to the brand and anyone with the harley mentality!
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