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I'm in CA and compared to some parts of the country we don't have all! You take a pair of mating dragonflies in the neck at 80mph and all of a sudden that windscreen seems a little attractive! Nevermind the bugs that hit you on the chin and leave a juice trail off the top of your forehead. Air in the face is awe"some"...never ending bug juice is aw"ful". I bought the 2up Switchblade from Fast Eddy. Yes from the front it makes your bike look generic. But let's be honest, most folks are going to see our bikes from the side or the rear. When I sit in a relaxed posture I look right over the top - I took a 1600 mile trip into Oregon this summer and I kid you not, one, and only one bug hit my helmet visor. And when I am not on a trip, one stiff tug and the screen gets left in the garage and the little chrome cap and pegs that are left are not unsightly and really not noticed unless you go looking for them. Oh...and i've seen the screenless guys going down the freeway all hunched over...I used to think they looked ridiculous - now, having been there, I know why they are doing what they are doing - and I still think they look ridiculous. I would rather get to my destination, get off my bike, replace helmet for ball cap and enjoy my time - instead of finding a restroom and scrubbing bugs off my jacket, helmet, teeth. It's very simple to yank the windscreen at a gas station and clean it so soap doesn't get on the bike - and then snap it back on. But that's just my opinion - I've never pretended to be a purist.


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