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Originally Posted by Thunder Rat View Post
Try buying 3 Birds for the same price. he paid AUS $62k for his CVO in 2009. Money is not an issue for him as he loves his bike and has probably put another $6k into it. It kinda pissed him off when Harley dropped the price of their CVOs to just under $40k but thats life.
The Harley CVO Dynas are nice bikes. But I just can't wrap my head around a $30-40k motorcycle. There are so many low mileage garage queens here that I would get a used one for under $20k. There is only one issue that is inherent with the Dyna design....that is the swingarm which is bolted through the back of the transmission. I traded a 2006 Dyna Lowrider on my Bird and I can tell you when you take an uphill sweeper curve over 30mph the rear tire loses its stability and gets squishy feeling. This rear tire "wallow" is really just cheap design by HD. It is a problem.

You can try adding a sputhe or true track stabilizer and that helps but doesn't rid the bike of that flaw.
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