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The 1700 does not make a huge difference.

I keep seeing everyone rave about the 1700. I have had mine for a couple of years and have ShortyTORS, no cat, performance air filter plus had it dynoed by Tuneboy. It gives around 105 horses but I don't think it is super fast. It is torquey but not a huge difference over the 1600. I have 3 mates with the same bikes and none of us can keep up with another mate's CVO Dyna. It is the 1800 with an exhaust and mild cams and kills most bikes. The Bird is a pleasant bike but no road rocket. I have been riding for 40+ years and have owned many bikes. I like the Bird because it is an easy going cruiser, has adequate power and good handling for a big heavy bike but lets not kid ourselves that they are fast. Now the R3 is as its name implies..... a Rocket and slays the Bird off the mark, in mid range and in top speed. I just think they are too big and the look does not appeal to me but from a pure Grunt perspective they are sensational.

I am currently getting my cams reprofiled which will give me around 120hp and that should make some difference. Maybe I will catch the Dyna CVO.
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