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Sure.. Well I bought a second headlight second hand, new its about $500, I paid about half that and it included the mount. I designed up a plate that would sit below the two headlights and mount to the stock center bolt location. I had first tried to use a long rod and just use the one center mount but there was too much flex in the system whislt driving down the road. Here is the mount I designed:

If anyone wants an .ai, .pdf or .dxf version, pm me your email address. Edge to edge, the plate is about 8" wide. I slotted the headlight mounting bolts because I wasnt sure how far back I'd want them and it was hard to do the math on how close they'd be to the forks while designing the plate. I think I used the farthest back location and the slots are hidden when the mounting blocks are on there.The cutout you see is for the wires that come up through the triple tree. The smaller hole is for the set pin, which I decided to leave - this didnt need to be a through hole but I was lazy and didnt want to do a lot of post waterjetting prep.

I had it water-jetted out of jig plate which is sort of shiny, like chrome and saved me some work finishing it. I just had to knock down the edges and install it. The finish is close enough to chrome for me to not bother - sort of hidden on the bike anyway. I used pretty thick plate for the mount - 3/8" because I wanted NO flex in the headlights going down the road, and this plate did that. There is 0 flex!

The headlight nacelles ended up being about 1/2" apart at their closest point Which looks pretty good.

For wiring, I just made a dongle that fits in between the stock headlight blade connectors and I used some wire loom to make the exiting wires look good. It was easy to wire. Someone else said they had to use a larger fuse, but I gave it a try with the stock one as it seemed sort of large to start with, and it hasnt blown or anything.

Overall I am happy with the look. I think they could be about 10-15% smaller and the proportions would look better but its not too large and I wasnt about to shell out big money for two new headlights.

Here are a couple pics..

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