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Originally Posted by hagatha View Post
40 valves,

Don't take ANY chances, if it is mechanical or operational get it fixed. If it is cosmetic and you can live with then that is your choice. Take all the money they give you and work with your dealer on what gets repaired and what you live with... Your dealer needs to check the forks, tubes and bars... if they are out of spec's... DON'T CHANCE IT!

Well the insurance company is on the case, and they are not going to classify it as collision. They are putting it under comprehensive, which carries a 100 dollar deductable. Thank God!

She'll be right as rain very soon. Still ridable though. In fact I logged about 300 miles this weekend. Gorgeous weather here where I live.

I gotta tell you, the thing that I get the biggest kick out of is when anyone on a HD gives my bike the "double take".

They're expecting it to be a japanese bike I guess and when they see Triumph, it gets a second look and a good once over.

Yes, I am vain.
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