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Weird Glitch

2011 Storm 3,800 miles TORS has always run excellent with no popping.

Today I went riding with a large group. I was on a very long down hill in 4th letting the engine do some medium rpm breaking and giving it no throttle. I was behind a very loud Harley that was doing some loud backfiring on the down hills. I heard some very loud backfires and at first assumed it was the Harley. On about the fourth pop I realized it was my bike, I gave it some gas with no response, I lost all engine power. I pulled in the clutch and looked at the speedo to see if any warning lights were on as I was pulling over. There were no warning lights lit so I let the clutch go and gave the throttle a few blips and the bike came to life without missing a beat. I believe the bike might have just stalled and I probably pop started it back up.

On the next stop I asked if anyone was a good mechanic, I explained what happened to a Harley guy that piped up. He said it was the ethanol (I live in NY that has 10% ethanol in its gas), he said it happens to him all the time. The bike ran fine the rest of the day, I did pull in the clutch and blip the throttle now and then on the rest of the long down hills where I was engine breaking.

Any one had this happen to them or heard of it?

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