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Might wanna try the regular map again. I used dizze's map for a few months then went back to find the bike runs better in every way than it did with dizze's map. Plus better mileage, and to top it off the sensors will 1-not allow the bike to adapt, so no adaption either by riding or via 12 minute tune, and 2-the sensors will eventually be ruined if you don't remove them and plug the holes according to several sources here. They are about $325 a pair too, so consider that. The only advantage i found with that other tune was it ra a bit stronger at high revs like when you wind it up [past 5000 RPMs. And only a bit. Not worth it to me at least. I find with the stock 1700/TORS map it's smoother, less engine noise, better low end torque, and better low speed cruise throttle response. (not jerky) Anyways, thats up to you but i suggest you try it after running that map for a while and see what you think. Make sure to do the 12 minute tune after loading it tho, as it will only run it's best after it adapts.
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