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Originally Posted by zenbike View Post
Hey at-home-daddy, nice to hear from another Seattle rider.
Well I don't need to test ride a blue/white to know I want the bike, I assume you're talking about a used one.
New or used...just trying to find a blue-and-white one *anywhere* around here is an impossibility.

I'm actually headed back to the Lynnwood dealer tonight to pick up my Sprint RS from a service and will be once again tormented by the beautiful birds they have on the floor.
Yep, sat on them about a month ago.

Think I'll have them run up a quote to get a new one in the "right" color shipped to Seattle, but for that I might as well wait a few months until winter has passed and the 2012s arrive.
That's the tact I'm taking as well...not like there's going to be a lot of riding going on for the next six months anyhow... Next spring, maybe they'll also have some great blowout specials on the leftover '10s and '11s. If you get the quote, though, please let me know (via PM?) what if they're able to do such a thing and how much they charge to do so (plus shipping, etc.). As much as I want the blue, I suspect it'd be more hassle and expense than it's worth.

Based on what I've learned around here I've already got my dream bike built:
Blue/White stripe, BB kit, Short TORs, Twin-T bars, Teardrop mirrors, and solo seat. Dazco I don't mean to copy, but I think you've got the ideal set-up going on.
Just about the same set-up as I'm thinking of, though I'd skip the teardrop mirrors and would throw on the pillion or a nicer two-up touring-type seat.
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