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Originally Posted by zenbike View Post
Thanks for the thoughts. My last two bikes have been black and I feel its time to change, to add a little more color to my ride. I'm sold on the Blue/White for many of the reasons you all mention.
The thing with the Blue/White combo is that nobody in the North West has them in stock, just the black or the silver options. Also, almost all the used bikes are in black. I'm thinking the Blue/White was not made is the same quantities as the rest and those who did buy one are not letting them go...
The search continues.
Hey, Zenbike, I'm in the Seattle area, too, and started a similar thread a couple weeks ago, where I was lamenting that the blue-and-white combo wasn't available around here, and asking folks which they preferred, the silver/black or black. You might want to look for that thread for more comments in that vein.

As far as your challenge, yep, I'm experiencing it, too...not a single blue-and-white to be found (let alone those beautiful blue and red haze models). I'm softening some on the silver/black combo, but not ready yet to make the leap...I keep hoping one will show up somewhere, but as you've found out, that doesn't seem to be happening (and I've been looking for a good long while). I don't want to have to buy out-of-state and have it shipped due to expense and not being able to test-ride the bike, like you, my search continues...

Good luck w/ your search...let's see who can find one in the Seattle area first.
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