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Originally Posted by depone View Post
Good points all and, as any American woman will tell you, REAL AMERICAN men don't read directions. Guilty as charged!

Seriously, part of the problem is that because of our damn lawyers and lawsuits they have to warn about so much nonsense and obvious stuff you feel like an idiot just trying to read it all. Do they really have to warn you not to use a match to check the fuel level?
I must take insult to that!
being a Real American Male I almost always read the owners manual or instructions. I am also not afraid to ask for directions but will still look at the map to ensure the directions make some kind of sense!

Its sad to see all the litigation for senseless acts of stupidity in the world when most of these people should be locked up so they arent a threat to society rather than passing the cost of thier stupidity along to us!

I could never understand how a jury could find in favor of some of the frivolus law suits??
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