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Hi all, this is my first post on this T-Bird Forum but I've been a member for some time as I currently own a Speedmaster. I have been interested in this thread as I plan to buy a T-Bird next year when the 2012 models start appearing.

Whilst I love my Speedmaster, I've done everything I can power wise except a big bore which I considered before realizing you just can't beat displacement.

I've also got a couple of mates who started on speedmasters and they just rave about their T-Birds. One of the blokes is Fast Eddy who I'd have to say is one of the most honest and descent blokes I've come across. So if he says to me "Stacka, you won't be disappointed", then I believe him.

As Dazco mentioned though, I'd prefer a 1700cc model straight off the production line to get the best power element. I'm also hoping the 2012 models come in different colours besides black and also have ABS.

Anyway, I hope to get to know you all soon enough as I just can't wait to buy a bird and be able get on here with questions myself as a Newbie T-Bird owner. Btw, hi to Dazco from Stacka who I remember when he had a Blue Speedmaster and helped me out a few years back with advise and whatnot.
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