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Originally Posted by 40valves View Post
I hope my forks are okay. I can't imagine them getting bent from simply falling over. However I guess stranger things could happen.
My TBird was in a parking space when a dimwit in a pickup backed into it and knocked it over. Thank God for Allstate. No questions, just replace everything that's even scratched.

My bars had the same problem and the only thing that would correct it was to replace the risers. You might be able to loosen them up from below and move them back into position, but they are kind of fragile and may need replacing.

Sit square on the bike, point the wheel straight ahead and line them up by getting both visually in the same position over the end caps on the fork tubes.

Thank you very much for sharing this. You will probably save a lot of riders from the same experience. HEY TRIUMPH, how about a warning in the manual?
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