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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
I'm pretty sure he's talking imperial gallons, as druid is in england. that would be more like 35 MPG US gallons. By the way, it's not me thats getting hot here. I'm just telling you that i've never seen this yet and you're sounding like everyone and his mother with a 1700 is getting 30. If it sounds to you like that, sorry, but it's not like that. Chill...
Yes I get a little disturbed when someone doesn't read that I am specifically only reporting what I heard, it's very clear in my original post that it was not from personal experience, and then makes it sound like I'm either lying or stupid. Read what was said before you make disparaging remarks about someone.

Good point on the Imperial gallons. I had not thought of that. Too bad you didn't either in your original post. OK, I'll "chill" if you will insert some courtesy in your posts.
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