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My feeling go out to you man... I to am interested in the cause. Was it soft ground/grass, did the stand fail?

I hope you have insurance with a reasonable deductible...

For the parts that are chrome not much you can do except replace them or live with it... The tank though is another story.

If you take the bike to the body shop and have them take it off, it will cost ALOT more than if you take the tank off and give it to them.

When I wanted to have my bike painted... they wanted $1500, if I took the parts off myself it was half that... and you keep your bike at home... instead of sitting outside in a lot somewhere...

If you decide to take it off... its a 10 min job... anyone can do it.

Keep everyone posted... any info you can post here may help prevent someone else from suffering the same mishap...

Ride safe...
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