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The error code will not go off until you either erase it with tuneecu, or you go thru X number of startup/ride cycles. that usually means a few days of riding. Just turning on the ignition shouldn't do anything. the light is normally on when the engine is not running.

i would erase it with tuneecu and see if it goes back on or not. If so, then redownload the map which will also reset the adaption, tho i would also do a adaption rest in tune ecu after the map. They say loading a map should reset it, but there are things i have read that suggest this may not happen. So i would do this..

1-erase code with tuneecu then see if it comes back. If it does.....

2-load map and reset adaption in tuneecu. If still no joy....


if after that and you are sure the plug on the solenoid isn't knocked off, the only other thing i can think of is to unplug it then plug it back in. If the contacts in the plug are contaminated that should at least temporarily fix it. then erase the error code again and see if it stays off. If it does i would get some contact cleaner and shoot some in the plug so it doesn't happen again.
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