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Wink Careful how you phrase your disagreement, please.

Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Not one post you'll see here or at the other tbird forum will say 30 MPG. I have literally heard dozens and dozens of MPG quoted since the tbird debuted in '09 and not one 1600 or 1700 has ever quoted that low. I have no idea where you saw these, but please link me to even one of those posts because i have yet to see that even once, and i've been reading RAT and the other Tbird forum since day one. In fact, most 1700 owner quote over 40 ! I once got 31 when my bike was horribly tuned but since i rectified that my minimum is 35, and thats hauling a$$ around town stop and go. And thats also the lowest i've seen anyone else quote and only one other. Riding what would be considered normally (which i rarely do) i get 40-42 .
OK, here's just one post from the Triumph 1600 forum. It's in the thread called "Good game, good game" and posted by Druid.

"Posted : Oct 04 2011 - 18:20 Post title : Re: good game good game (Re: mat1600)

Mine is a 1700 just for the record . I found the fuel consuption was at its best at 2800 revs.

Thankfully the bike is back to normal now and Im getting 160 odd miles to the tank now on average ."

The service manager at my dealer has said the same thing.

You figure out 160 miles per tank. Using ALL the fuel (5.5 gallons), which is unlikely, that comes out to 29 mpg. There are other posts but I'm not going to chase around looking for them to satisfy someone that came very close to calling me a liar for reporting what I heard, and qualifying it as such. Sorry you took my post as a personal affront. Maybe I should send them to you in a PM to approve before I hit SUBMIT in the future.

What the hell, maybe someone needs a nap.
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