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Not one post you'll see here or at the other tbird forum will say 30 MPG. I have literally heard dozens and dozens of MPG quoted since the tbird debuted in '09 and not one 1600 or 1700 has ever quoted that low. I have no idea where you saw these, but please link me to even one of those posts because i have yet to see that even once, and i've been reading RAT and the other Tbird forum since day one. In fact, most 1700 owner quote over 40 ! I once got 31 when my bike was horribly tuned but since i rectified that my minimum is 35, and thats hauling a$$ around town stop and go. And thats also the lowest i've seen anyone else quote and only one other. Riding what would be considered normally (which i rarely do) i get 40-42 .
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