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I have been at 1600, then 1600 and tors and filter, then 1600/tors and filter and air duct removed, then all of those scenarios as a 1700, then with a custom map, etc etc etc. it goes on and on. What i found is that popping seems to happen more with some setups than others, and even changes depending on the adaption amd weather, etc. In other words, mine has popped badly to almost not at all and everything in between. Sometimes changing with bothing having been touched. So yes, it's normal on this bike. As stock you think it doesn't, but it does. It's just that the stock pipes make the popping so low you can't barely hear it, and when you do it sounds like something other than popping.

In short, you will always have it to some degree. after the 12 minute tune you may or may not have less, maybe even more. i've learned that popping is always going to be there to some degree with this bike. Mine recently was popping less than normal after switching back to 20310 from a custom map, but then after 12 minute tune it popped more. so i reset the adaption so it should be like it was when it was popping less, yet there was no change. No rhyme or reason.....just gotta live with it at times, and at other times not. thats the nature of the Tbird.
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