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Originally Posted by depone View Post
Power? I traded my 2300 cc Rocket III for the TBird and am happy as a clam. The VRod engine is superb but the handling and comfort suck, in my opinion. If all you care about is power, stay with the VRod. Otherwise, the TBird beats the shorts off of the VRod.

And I agree with everything dazco said except, I'll stay with the 1600 engine. I rode the 1700 and it is amazing. However, the few times I would use the additional power don't outweigh going from close to 50 miles per gallon into the 20 plus range. The 1600 is no slouch. If you're a boy racer and the hell with gas mileage, go with the 1700. If not the torque of the 1600 is both satisfying and surprising to the typical rider. Ride them with that in mind. Most Triumph dealers allow demo rides.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY off base !!! The difference is about 2-4 MPG, (more like 2 because i ride harder now and if i rode that way as the 1600 i may have got the same or maybe a couple better) and the 1700 is capable of as much MPG as the 1600 if you ride it the same. In fact, never got more than 46 on my 1600, but i recently got 50 MPG with mine and it is now a 1700 !(and has been since December) Now granter, that was riding extremely easy while riding with a buddy on his HD which he rides like a grandma. But as you can see you're way way off with that statement.

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