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Originally Posted by CheesyRider View Post
Not to stir anything up but....I am the owner of a V Rod, but like the Bird. Will I be happy if I switch??
As others have said you really need to ride one to get the full understanding of what all the trade off will be!

To answer your question better without the test ride we would have to ask you what you are looking for in a bike? What things you are unhappy about with your v rod? What type rider or rideing you do most.

For me I test rode a friends v rod a while back and couldnt be happier when it was over and I switched back to my 25 year old kawasaki. The bike was uncomfortable, didnt handle well and the performance was lack luster when compared to its intent and cost.
Whith the thunderbird the outcome was much different. After a long test ride I didnt want to take the bike back and knew I wanted one. It was comfortable handled extreemly well no matter what speed or type road I was on it gave perfect feedback letting me know exactly waht it was capeable of! The power is there instantly and for real world rideing its there when and where you need it anyplace between 1 and 100 mph!

So with no info really given I would have to say if you are a real rider and not just looking to fit into the crowd a few times a year the thunderbird is the way to go!
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