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Originally Posted by BMK9251 View Post
What are you using to lube it?
I put a drop of regular motor oil [or ya could use alittle CRC Power lube in a spray can, available at any hardware or auto parts store] on the exposed part of the handle bar clutch cable, a drop of oil on the little round piece on the end of the cable that fits into the little round slot in the clutch lever,a drop of oil of oil on the clutch lever pivot bolt that holds the lever on to the handle bar end piece,and also a drop of oil on that same little round piece on the other end of the cable where it fits into the clutch cover pivot lever on the lower left side of the motor.Like in the old Brylcreme comercial "A little dab will do ya" lol I do it every month and haven't had any problem.Plus,when on that little maintenance schedule,if there is any tell tale sign of a fraying cable,ya should see it and can address it accordingly before ya have a problem with it when on the look at it this way,by doin this simple maintenance every month,I might just prevent the embarassment of bein stuck on the side of the road a million miles from Wouldn't you agree??? lol Dave!!!
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