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Originally Posted by BMK9251 View Post
I noticed yesterday that Corbin makes a single and 2up seat for the Tbird. Has anyone tried the one piece 2 up seat?
Back in May or so I got the dual tour saddle with a single backrest (I can switch it between the front and back) and in terms of comfort there is no comparison between it and the stock seat.

I will say, however, that the stock seat positioning was perfect for me, but after 50 - 75 miles it I was ready to leap off the bike from tailbone pain. No such issue with the Corbin and I've ridden a couple thousand miles or so on it now with several 200+ mile days. It does seem that I'm sitting ever so slightly higher, and a little closer to the tank, but it's such a minor difference there's no way I'm returning the seat for a rework of any kind.

From ordering online to receiving it, it took just about 3 1/2 weeks to make it to Texas.

Hope that helps.
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