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Originally Posted by Draeger View Post
I'd like to order one - anyone know of somewhere other than the dealership?
I bought my spare clutch cable from Bike Bandit.However,the price is the same as ya pay at the stealerships,plus shipping.But atleast ya get it and in a reasonable amount of time.I think I waited 10 days or something before mine finally arrived via UPS.So now ya have another option.

I bought the spare cable shortly after I got the machine because I could see how it would wear from so much usage.And even though I haven't had a problem with fraying in the 25,000 miles I've driven it,after reading the problems many seem to be havin,I now carry it on board,just in case.However, I lube it on a regular basis which might be the reason I have NOT had a problem with it.So there's alittle maintenance that ya might wanna do atleast once a month to prevent the problem. Dave!!!
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