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I forgot to tell you guys that I also use a large gel pad,which I bought when I first bought my RSV back in 99,to go between my back side and the seat as it does make a world of difference, [it prevents sweating in the hot weather and freezing your ars in the cold weather] and put it on my T bird right after I bought it as it just lays on the seat.It was a good investment.So there's an option that ya might wanna consider.It's relatively inexpensive and still available.It's called "BUTT BUFFER" and sells for alittle under 100 bucks.So ,if you're not that comfortable,ya might wanna look into this or somethin compatible to it.As I said,it WILL make a world of difference on any seat,conventional or touring.And as Curt says" NO BUTTS ABOUT IT" lol I like that Curt.Very good. lol Dave!!!

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