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No butts about it :-)

Originally Posted by davetac1 View Post
I bought the SE model which comes with Triumph's long haul seat.I then added Triumph's rider's back rest,which is adjustable with six settings,and have driven a good 200 miles before getting off the machine to stretch my legs.But my back side wasn't all that bad,maybe alittle uncomfortable,but you're gonna get that no matter what you're drivin.The last machine I had,an RSV,had a real comfortable factory touring seat,but ya still had to get off it every couple hundred miles or so to stretch your legs and recesitate your back But ya have to do the same thing when drivin your automobile for any distance.It's called adjustment.Dave!!!
Same here, have the SE A1 model Triumph Thunderbird. The SE seat is pretty comfortable for up to about 200 miles straight. If you needed any more comfort for a longer ride, you could add a simple gel pad. I am older than dirt, and find the SE long haul seat pretty comfortable for reasonable jaunts. Besides, after 150-200 miles, getting off the bike for a rest is not a bad idea anyway. I could not use the back rest, it hit me in the wrong spot and was actually less comfortable for me, took it off the bike. I tend to stop about every 150 miles. You would be surprised how much a short stop and stretch the legs will improve circulation and give your gluteus maximus a rest, no butts about it. :-)
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