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So, I ended up getting a Storm going on 2 weeks ago. I'll answer the questions below in the hopes that they may help someone else in the future that is looking for a T-Bird

How accurate are the gauges (speedo, fuel, odo)?
Fuel gauge seems to be spot on, including miles to empty. Speedo reads a bit high. As was previously said, TuneEcu can fix this.

Is there a recommended weight chart for the adjustable shocks?
Oddly the manual says that setting 1 is for solo rider and then has two entries for setting 5 of 'rider and passenger' and 'rider, passenger, and luggage.' Personally, I'm riding with setting 3. At 270, it feels stiff enough that the bike isn't sagging in the back or in danger of bottoming out. It feels fine for normal road bumps, but the bigger bumps can be a bit jarring. Setting 2 felt a bit too soft.

Can you mount highway pegs on the frame or do you *need* the dresser bars? No way to mount them without dresser bars.

How do people find the stock seat?
I've put 700 miles on the bike so far. My personal limit is about 1.5 hrs. At an hour, I start to notice that I need to shift my position. At 1.5, I'm looking for a place to pull over. Less than that and for normal commuting, I find the stock seat to be great.

I'm glad I picked a Thunderbird. It is a great improvement over my old Vulcan. Thanks to everyone for the advice and safe riding.
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