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A bit of a warning...if you DO consider one, make sure and discuss with them the fact that the Tbird's intake duct is part of the seat and any changes to that WILL affect the intake. I pulled mine off thinking it would make more power with more air. Wrong. I thought there was little if any change till many months later when i put it back and thought wow ! I realized i had lost a lot of torque with the duct off.. It didn't seem like it when i first did it, but as i have noticed with many things i've changed and not just with bikes, changing BACK is often when you really notice the difference. So I'm just trying to make you aware of this. If you happen to get one and there is a difference in the underside or even has lost the duct completely, i suggest trying the stock seat a month or so down the road and see if you notice anything. I was shocked at how much better it ran with the duct in place. So any change to the intake path can cause havoc with the bike's output.
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