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I'm glad there are so many followers...

Let me get into a bit of detail on the "Booth"... The object here was to create enough over-pressure that dust can not enter the painting area. The fan is blowing through the filter, thus only "clean air" is in the booth. When I'm actually doing the painting, the garage is closed up tight, no air moving other than whats coming out of the booth. And I must say it worked really well... I counted a total of 4 nibs (dirt) in the clear, 2 of which you won't be able to see.

draeger, the fan needs to run until the paint is no longer tacky...

As dazco said this stuff is really bad for you... so I used a really good respirator, coveralls, gloves and goggles. I should have worn a hat... lol I think all my hair is gonna fall out (whats left anyway).

I had a bit of a set back yesterday though... The tank itself was a BEAR... The clear is really the HARD part... Well my first attempt at it was a failure.... I had several runs, and when it did, it picked up the pearl and there was no way around it, except to sand it down and try again... so it was back down to the primer. I had to prime, base coat, mid coat, and then wait until today to shoot the clear again... With a fresh start I went to the paint shop and got another QT... $88 This time I really took my time and let the clear "flash" between coats... The instruction said to wait 3-5 min between coats, so I waited 8 min... This time it came out pretty good. I'm still not really happy with it but most of the problems will never show.

Tomorrow when I get home from work, I start to wet sand the clear and buff...

I spent the rest of the day putting it back together again. I'm re-doing the rear wiring harness because of the other custom work I've done, like relocate the tag and turn signals, and I added some LED brake lights too...

I also found out today the fuel filter is inside the tank... That sucks! because no matter how careful you are you are gonna get dirt/water in the tank.

I'll post more pics tomorrow during the re-assembly.


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