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Originally Posted by alanp View Post
I was looking at my bike today and realised that the short Triumph screen makes the front look too much like a Harley...bad news. The screen is plastered in chrome bits and pieces and quick detachable nonsense so I took the whole lot off.
Ah Ah, that looks better and heck my helmet was getting beaten up by the wind over the top of the screen anyhow.
Took the screenless Thunderbird out for a run today and am really really happy with the result :
- No buffeting at all.
- A steady wind pressure from mid body up which is infinitely preferable to a buffeting from front and side.
- No increase in arm/grip load which I am convinced is due to my rider's back rest supporting my body. Highly recommended.
- Road tested at speeds up to 100 mph so I'm not talking about tootling around the city here.
- The rider's view is now superb.
By the way, I was also testing my new long TORs and things just get better and better as well as looking less like a Harley! Result.
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