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Originally Posted by VainCyrus View Post
Brew this isn't about you.

I'm buying the bike because it does handle quite nicely and is easy on the road as it is on the eyes.

I ride for a living as a motorcycle cop, so I've got quite a few more miles then most and I know what I like. This bike is every bit an all rounder, unlike the Bonnie. It handles as well, cruises at highway speeds with ease, has gobs more torque and is a much better longer distance road bike. That's why it getting traded for the T-Bird.
Now THERES a recommendation ! Thanks VC. So often you try and tell people the Tbird is an all around great bike but many just refuse to believe it in one way or another. I think such a glowing description of the Tbird from someone who rides 8 hours a day for a living might have a pretty dependable opinion, dontcha all think?!

Now, down to business.....can ya help me out next time i get a speeding ticket?
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