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Originally Posted by oldgreybull View Post
In comparing the two bikes, most riders have pointed out advantages one has over the other. You, however, simply said the Thunderbird handles like a tractor
Well then let me clarify. when I test rode it, I had trouble telling the difference between 3rd, & 4th gear. This could be due the the torque that the engine puts out. If I was in 4th gear, and really should have been in 3rd, the engine didn't care and powered through it. I would prefer more responsive gearing. So to me, the lower gears on the T-Bird are geared too low and have the feel of a "granny-gear". Hence, my crack about it handling like a John-Deere.

Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Exactly, but you didn't have to tell him that....he knew it when he posted it and thats what irritates me.
Sorry I irritated you, but that was my honest and initial reaction when I test rode it the first time. I should have expanded on the comment then, and not thrown a grenade in the room. My apologies.


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