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Originally Posted by BrewDudeBob View Post
You really are quite sensitive aren't you?

If you must know why I posted my comment, it was because VainCyrus switched from a Bonneville to a T-Bird. I ride a Bonnie, and simply can't see why that would be an upgrade. But I guess that is why they make different models. At least he is still riding a Triumph.
Back peddle if you like, but you miss the point. In comparing the two bikes, most riders have pointed out advantages one has over the other. You, however, simply said the Thunderbird handles like a tractor - sort of an absurd and denigrating comparison.
As you now say, the bikes are different, they understandably handle differently, both have good attributes, and the vast majority of knowledgleable and experienced rider say they are both exceptionally fine motorcycles.
I think some simply take exception to your interrupting an otherwise useful and informative thread discussing the two bikes, with an inflamatory and gratuitious slam against the Thunderbird. Your comment was viewed as either malicious or at best thoughtless, or perhaps both.
I appreciate your clarification, am pleased you like your bonnie and delighted you ride a Triumph! Now where were we?

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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