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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Then you simply should have said that for a new rider like yourself it was too much or something along those lines, or even not post at all. I mean, whats the point? I sure as heck wouldn't go over to the bonnie forum and find a thread where they're all rejoice about thier bonnies and tell them "i rode a bonnie and it felt like a toy and had no power", or go to the R3 forum and tell them i rode an R3 and it's a bulky clumbsy lump. I just don't get that mentality. It's one thing to voice your opinion on something, but another to go to another forum and find a post where several people are voicing thier love for their model after a new owner has posted to rejoice over his purchase and criticize it for no constructive reason. Especially when you are a new rider. I've been riding since '69 and i know bikes well enough to know that there is a [email protected] good reason this bike has been received by the motorcycle world as maybe the best cruiser ever made. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but i'm trying to make you see it from our point of view as Tbird owners.

You might say i'm sort of the resident Thunderbird defender here, and i get in heated discussions at time when someone from another forum posts here just to diss the bike. I don't pull punches on this subject. Sorry to those who may be sick of my rantings, but i just think that if you can't use good judgment and respect other triumph owners and thier bikes and post constructively then you probably shouldn't post at all.
You really are quite sensitive aren't you?

If you must know why I posted my comment, it was because VainCyrus switched from a Bonneville to a T-Bird. I ride a Bonnie, and simply can't see why that would be an upgrade. But I guess that is why they make different models. At least he is still riding a Triumph.


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