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I will admit that I am not a long-time rider, and my experience is only 20,000 miles on a Bonnie. I have only been riding 18 months, and really got used to the way the Bonnie handles. One of my riding buddies has a red T-Bird, and when I told him how I felt about my test ride on the T-Bird, he said if I thought the T-Bird rides like a John Deere, then if I rode a Harley, it would be like a Russian knock-off of a John Deere.

I am certain a T-Bird is a fine bike, and the reviews from the magazines back that up. It is just that my limited exposure to riding makes me more comfortable on the Bonnie. Perhaps, if I had more time to ride a T-Bird, say a weekend or so, I may get more comfortable and start to get the feel for it.

But I can't change my first impression, and I can always change my mind


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