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I used a heat-gun on those front fender bolts, but because there is a rubber mounting gromet lining each hole, you can't use to much heat. I did have the recall done during my first service.

I spent several hours getting each piece ready for primer. Started with 320, and worked up to 600 to get the majority of the clear off and feather out any nicks in the paint. Triumph uses a black and a white primer. I had to do quite a bit of sanding on the stripe to get it flat. From what I can tell, Triumph uses 2 different primers one coat each, 2 coats base color, 2 coats mid flake, and 2 coats clear. When you start sanding they show like rings on tree.

I used Delton 2k primer (acid etching). There is a total of 2+ coats, after the first coat I sanded it with 600 to reduce the surface texture. The 2nd coat (much heavier) to fill and feather the spots that needed a little filler. it was sanded with 1000 down to a (almost) glossy finish. The 3rd (only where needed) coat was to dust the spots where the primer was sanded thin, and sanded using 1000 again.

Tomorrow I'll check each piece in the bright sun light and sand any spots that need it, with 1200.... careful not to sand through the primer. These pieces will cure until Thursday, when I will go to the paint booth and shoot the base color coats and the mid pearl coats.

Friday is clear day.... The clear is the hardest to get right...

more to follow then.

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