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Wow.....15 MPG !

Difference that is. On my 1700 w/TORs that was initially a 1600, I get a worse of 35 MPG in stop and go street riding, and riding fairly aggressively as i always tend to do. On rural trips i get 38-40, maybe 42 if i'm real lucky. Went on my first bike camping trip ever saturday (just an overnighter) with a harley rider. He's always telling me how unstable his bike is because it has apes and a skinny front tire. So he rides really slow. So i had no choice but to ride the same. I got.....50 MPG ! Thats a spread of 15 MPG from my worse to best ! I was shocked. I hear people saying they get 50 and i am always puzzled at how that is possible, even for the 1600, where my all time best before the BB kit was 46. I never thought riding real slow would make that much difference because while i have never ridden that slow on a long rural trip, i have ridden somewhat close to that and never got anywhere near 50 MPG. (except like i said the 46 when it was a 1600) Crazy man....that right hand grip sure can influence running costs drastically !
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