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I've tried the 12 minute tune a couple of times, with no noticeable results. My motor has always 'surged' a bit when idling, but I figured it was normal.

One time I did the tune and I let it run for around 14 minutes, the other time about 12 and a half minutes. Both times I stopped the engine, and then restarted it within a few minutes to ride it ... no change that I could tell.

Last night I decided to try it again ... exactly 12 minutes after the fan came on I shut the engine off, closed the garage and headed to bed.

This morning it started first push of the starter. (its been taking a couple of pushes lately when cold) ... and man, it rides smoother and more powerful than ever! A real, noticeable difference. The 12 minute tune seems to have finally worked for me.

Maybe it was timing it exactly to 12 minutes ... maybe it was letting it cool down afterwards this time ... I'm not sure.

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