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Originally Posted by goon_man View Post
sorry for the late getting back to you... been out riding my bird for a few days... i had a 2008 speed triple. loved the bike but when i saw the storm i just had to have one!! took one for a test ride and left a deposit that day. i had the staintune slash cuts put on the bike and they sound sensational. had it 3 days and already nearly 800k's on her. and loving it!!

I am looking into buying an exhaust, and by looking I mean buy without my wife's knowledge or consent. It's a married thing, anyways I have always wanted to hear how the Staintunes sound. I will probably end up getting the Hogslayers ($650 ish), for the only reason I believe Staintunes are a couple grand.

I've heard the Staintunes online although it's just a picture of a Thunderbird with the sound of the staintunes behind it. How do they sound or even better can you upload some audio?
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