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I've always loved black, and matte black to boot. Chrome just ain't my thing, and neither is bright color. Its just a Road Warrior thing with me. I like the anonymity of riding a bike, and black just kind of makes you vanish ... until you get a double take from some cager with big bug eyes.

But I understand why people might want something different to stand out from the pack. Its a personality thing - some like to stealth, some like to flash.

Last week I was at a dealership and this rather attractive young chick rides in on a totally pink Harley with apehanger bars. Don't see that every day

She was wearing a pink beanie helmet, pink jacket and pink boots, and even had pink lipstick ... and I overheard her ask if they sold pink goggles. They didn't. (shocking!)

I must admit that every head in the place was watching as she rode off ... followed by some anonymous dude on a black bike.

What if there were no hypothetical questions?
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