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Tuneecu is a free software which is similar to tuneboy. That won't help much if you don't know what tuneboy is, so here goes. You download the free app and get the proper cable (explained on the tuneecu site) and you can connect the bike to a laptop. Or for that matter any PC that'll run it thats close enough to the bike to attach the cable. It is similar to what triumph dealers use to test and adjust many things in the bike's ECU (computer) such as adjusting throttle body balance, adjust TPS, check error codes to see whats wrong when your bike's engine malfunction light goes on. And several more things. You can also use it to load different tunes(maps) and adjust the mapping....fuel, timing, etc. Not something your advized to do without a pro tuner on a dyno. But loading tunes if ok to do as long as you know the tune you load is ok for your bike.

It plugs into a connector under the left side cover. You'll see it clipped onto the frame with a rubber cover over it. The tuneecu site explains evrything and you can download the app there and they even host all the standard triumph tunes. It also explains what the PC needs. As far as i know it will run on vista and XP, but not sure about 7. You also need a newer version of net framework which is easy to find and download from google. One thing to note....if ou do this, the cable needs a driver installed on the PC because it has a device in one of the plugs that requires it. But do NOT use the driver that comes on the CD that comes with the cable. The tuneecu site will point you to where to download the proper driver for it. And finally, here at RAT we have a tuning forum where you can get answers, and even one of the guys that has something to do with the app's development answers questions there. It's here...

And heres the tuneecu site... click the bit flag at the bottom.
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