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Naked as a TBird (painting the 1600)


I've made a few other posts concerning the painting of my 2010 Tbird 1600. I pulled the trigger yesterday, and took the bike apart.

Removing the pieces only took a couple of hours, would have taken less except for the front fender. Removing the front fender was the most difficult because of the 4 torx head screws. They were installed with Lock-tite (red). They came out but one of them got pretty chewed up and I'll have to replace it.

The rear fender was a snap, because I had already re-done all the wiring (for my custom work). Once the wiring harness is removed, remove the 6 bolts and it comes right out.

The tank was easy also, remove the console, the front bolt on the tank. Raise the tank and remove the one vacuum line, the fuel line and both wiring connections. remove the back bolt and set the tank to the side. If your planning on painting, don't fill-up before hand (DOH!). De-fuel and let the tank air/drain for a few hours.

Here are a few pictures of my bike "Naked as a TBird".

I'll post a few more tomorrow after I've done some wet sanding.

Comments are welcome... no flames please, I will treat this post as a work log until the project is done.

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