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Originally Posted by finglan View Post
I checked the hose clamps and they were tight, the leak looked like it was right at the thermostat where the gasket would be. I then took it out for a hard five mile ride on the expressway and did not see evidence of any further leaking.

Has anyone had a 2011 model with a gasket issue or has all the 2011 models been strictly clamp issues?
I was in the same boat as you.
2011 Storm with 400km and it's leaking.
Ok, Thanks to this forum I knew about the issue before I bought one so I was not surprised. Well maybe a little surprised that Triumph hadn't gotten around to fixing this issue with the 2011 models.
You either get lucky and solve the issue by tightening the hose clamps or you need the gasket. I tightened the hose clamps to no avail.
So having read the 18plus page thread on here about it, I was able to call the dealer with the part number required so they could get it ordered and do the repair at the first service. I drove the bike another 600km until it was due for service brought it in and of course they never ordered the part. They took it for a test ride and couldn't get it to leak so of course on the way home it started to leak back I go. They replaced the gasket around the lower manifold that you can see behind the cyl. This is where the coolant would pool but was not the source of the leak. It was leaking from the top and dripping down the right side. Picked the bike up again and still not fixed so back I go this time they ordered the part I wanted them to order from the begining problem solved. Total off the road time was 3 weeks as I had to wait the part to come in from the UK. Obviously mine was more of a dealer issue than anything. Oh Ya my dealer claims they have never heard of this issue which IF true is more of a poor communication between the manufacturer and the dealer.

The only other issue I had was defect baremetric presure sensor.
This was replaced with one off of a bike that was on the sales floor.

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