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Hard to get over

Thank-you all for your comments,

Ok I will start from the beginning,

I purchased a 2005 Rocket 3 second hand from the same dealer I purchased the Thunderbird Storm.

I rode the rocket without incident until one day when I was just heading on a 2 week ride with my wife on her Honda VTR 1000.

We got 30km up the road when I noticed the gear selector was loose,
I went to gear down to pull over and check it once stopped, only to find there was no gears at all. SO in 5th gear I rode the bike twenty km's back to the dealer.

I had read about how the screw that holds the whole lot together was faulty in some models from factory. I told the dealer this and they confirmed the screw had fallen out. The dealer said they would get right onto it once they had heard back from Triumph Australia.

The word comes back that because the bike is now out of warranty they are willing to pay 50% of parts required only. (A screw some caskets and loctight) so about 10 dollars outlay for Triumph. Mind you this is coming from the dealer so who knows.

After speaking with the service guys they told me its a huge job and like every warranty claim the dealer gets paid alot less for the job.

Anyway after some back and fourth, Triumph offered to pay for the repair only if I was to get a service done by the dealer. No problems, 4 to 5 weeks later and 600 dollars plus another 95 dollars for the oil which should have been replaced when they pulled the motor to pieces as part of the warranty.

Anyway I did not care as long as i got my bike back and could go on my holiday. I pick the bike up on a thursday afternoon about 5pm the day before a public holiday. I ride out the dealership get 2km's up the road and go to overtake a car only to find at 4000rpms the bikes banging its head of like its on the rev limiter. So I stopped called the dealer who told me to bring it straight back. After an hour and 2 new maps systems in it they were stumped. They offered me a take home bike but as along as I was willing to forgo 3K if it fell over.

I was about to go when they found a screw or similar which adjusted the throttle control. So yeeha I off again. I ride the 50 mins home put her in the shed and guess what all down the right side of my bike all over the exhaust is oil. Its gone every where. Can't contact dealer they are shut for the next 3 days. So no riding for me.

Monday morning comes I contact triumph and they tell me to ride it back up for them to look at.
There I am told the oil pressure switch on the back of the motor had been over tightened and crushed the o ring. No worries a simple fix.

I go and have a coffee over the road with my wife, where I get a phone call telling me they had just snapped the switch and would have to order one as there were none in stock.

Home I go without A bike.

Get a call come pick up the bike a few days later.

Picked it up all seems fine start on my way home get halfway home and the bike just stops when i pull up at lights. So after a few goes up she fires and goes straight to 2000 rpm and there it sits. I am just head home with a bike now revving its **** off. I call triumph and they tell me to bring it back

take it back ask if all is well told yes. I drive home all seems ok.
Organise a ride with a bunch of mates because I have not ridden for a while Saturday morning, jump on the bike and off we go I get 10kms from home its starts to rain and all of a sudden whilst I am over taking a car it stops. I roll to a stop start the motor and up to 2000rpm we go. I am furious so I call the dealer, they send a van and pick it up.

I get a call saying that there is something wrong with the fuel injection system. They then informed me they did nothing to the fuel injection system. Mind you the first night I picked it up they did fiddle with the injection system and remapped her. When I pointed this out they said I would still have to pay 300 dollars to fix the problem.

I took the bike out of there and drove it straight in Harley Davidson where I traded it on a fatboy.

So that's that story and we now have this one. I am not making this stuff up so you might be able to understand why I don't give 2 stuffs about Triumph and their so called warranty.

As I have said all along if it was just something as simple as a coolant leak I would have no issues, but as previously stated Its 3 coolant leaks, engine management problems, fork legs damaged, chrome falling off, unable to select gears, high revving engine.

So I am sorry to say I am over triumph and its poor quality products in my two incidences and its response.

I know the dealer was to blame for the rocket but the dealer represents the company.

I just got off the phone with Cliff from Triumph Australia and he informs me that bike is fixed and he is sorry and offered me a cap and a t-shirt. Seriously a cap and t-shirt they will not replace the bike.

So that is that. Thanks Triumph
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