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Dave you say "Adaptive Procedure" and Daz you say 12 minute tune. Are you guys talking about the same thing? Or is one disconnecting the battery and the other letting it run for 12 minutes after the fan kicks on - Daz where did you get your info that the 12 minutes starts after the fan kicks on? Does that trip an internal timer on the ECU because it's an electronic signal to run the fan, or is that just a signal to us that we are at full operating temperature?

I have had my battery cables disconnected - but right now I can't remember if it was before or after the dealer loaded my TOR tune. Reason being is that I had the seat off and noticed green corrosion building on the positive battery lead connection. Probably because it sat most of a year on the showroom before I bought it. I removed the cables and cleaned everything up and put them back on and didn't think anything of it - except I think the clock lost it's time and I might have had to reset it. Is there any benefit to removing battery cables for a few minutes before doing the 12 minute tune?

Lastly - we are in a weather cycle right now where it is 50 degrees in the morning and 96 degrees in the afternoon. Is there a downside to doing the 12 minute tune at say 9 in the morning when it is 60 degrees and then riding when it is 80-90 degrees? Should the 12 minute tune be done with an air temp the closest to what you will be doing most of your riding in? Seems if the bike is this sensitive we maybe should have bought carburated bikes!!!


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